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Is gold edible? How is it included in swarnaprashan?

Gold is a particularly non-reactive element and is not absorbed during the digestion process, so it is safe to eat. It is believed that this super-expensive metal has some marvelous health benefits and that’s what makes it the most expensive food additive around the world! ‘Swarna’ is gold and ‘Bhasma’ means ash. Swarnabhasma is one of the many bhasmas that are used in Ayurveda to cure or prevent disease. The pure extract of 24 carats of gold undergoes calcination or incineration process, so it can be used for medicinal purposes. To standardize the composition of Swarnabhasma, some other minerals like sulfur, sodium, potassium, copper and ferrous oxide are added to the gold. Swarna bhasma is one of the most potent medicines among all other Ayurvedic Medicines. There are many procedures of its preparation mentioned in the classic texts of ‘Rasashastra’, the Vedic study of medicine. And hence it is used in and as swarnaprashan.

Swarnaprashan is also known as Swarnabindu prashana is a unique Ayurvedic preparation that enhances the immunity of the human body. The act of consuming noble metal gold ‘Swarna Prashana’ is considered one of the 16 essential Samskaras (regimens) for improving overall health in children. Swarnaprashan is recommended to be taken immediately after birth and continued till the age of 12 years. It can be taken daily for a period of 30 days or can be taken specifically on the Pushya nakshatra.

It is a safe method to build immunity in children, its unique properties contribute to a child’s brain development, and also help in maintaining a healthy state of mind & body. With a range of vaccinations, the medical system has introduced today, there are many diseases that can be prevented, some of these diseases can be resisted with the immunity that the vaccinations boost in us. But there are a number of diseases that these regular vaccines don’t work on. Swarnaprashan produces specific immunity to fight against such specific diseases, along with many other benefits.

Swarnaprashan is prepared with swarna bhasma (gold ash) mixed with honey and cow ghee containing herbal extracts like vacha, brahmi, shankhpushpi etc. Swarna bhasma is prepared from pure gold through ayurvedic techniques and calcination (the process of heating the metal in the limited supply/absence of air or oxygen) process along with other raw materials and herbs. Swarna bhasma contains about 90% pure gold particles which become therapeutic in nature after being treated with other herbs. t is also helpful even to special children with autism, learning difficulties, attention deficit, hyperactivity, delayed milestone, etc.

Swarnaprashan consists of pure gold ash. The single dose of swarnaprashan can be effective if taken immediately after birth or as soon as possible following the birth. Use on a daily basis for 30 days to 6 months according to kashyapa samhita for the desired effects on immunity and intelligence.

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