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Swarnaprashan is an old method of Vedic immunization that has been popular since ancient times. Swarnaprashan includes the administration of gold to children aged 0-5 years of age on a particular day of each month on the Pushya star. So, it is said that by consuming gold on this day, the child's general health, physical well-being, mental well-being, complexion, intelligence, and immunity would be enhanced. As mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts, the gold used in swarnaprashan is subject to purification in order to eliminate its toxicity and improve its medicinal properties. It is therefore very safe to use with children. But it's easier to obey Swarnaprashan for better. Many are now coming to know and use the same benefits of Swarnaprashan. Yet in India, the number of individuals using Swarnaprashan in children is less than 1%

The need for the moment is to teach people about the benefits of Ayurvedic Swarnaprashan and its advantages. The efficacy of Swarnaprashan has been proven by various studies in India. Swarnaprashan ultimate goal is not to target one disease, but the whole body and to improve overall immunity. Swarnaprashan is a process in which children are given SWARNA (GOLD) or "HERBS WITH GOLD" in the form of liquid, semi-solid, and paste form. 'Swarna' means 'Gold' and 'Prashan' is 'to eat'. 

According to NIH National Library of Medicine Swarnaprashan is a unique practice mentioned in Ayurveda as “Swarnaprashan” by Acharya Kashyapa thousands of years back. He explained evidently the administration of Swarna (gold) in children for the benefits of improving intellect, digestion and metabolism, physical strength, immunity, complexion, fertility & life span.

Why is INC Swarnaprashan the Best Immunity booster?

A 100 percent Ayurvedic immunity booster is the INC Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan) drop. It has an extract of 24 Carat Gold where Swarna Bhasma (Gold Ash) is blended with honey, indravarni, brahmi, Shankhpushpi, vaj, and ghee cows. INC Swarnaprashan (Suvarna prashan) with 24carat Gold Extract is India's only FDCA approved. Swarnprashan is a very good product for the development of immunity in children. It is a medicine that is 100 percent Ayurvedic.


It not only helps to develop immunity, but it also tends to help with mental and physical development. Swarnaprashan is generally given on the day of Pushya Nakshatra to children for better results once a month, but you can also give this drop on a daily basis. For 0 to 5 years - 2 Drops every day | For 5 to 12 years - 5 Drops every day (empty stomach) - 5 Drops every day (empty stomach, ideally early in the morning). Avoid it during the cold and fever. There are no side effects of these drops. After proper processing, Swarna Prashana is made from herbs & minerals in accordance with natural classical ayurvedic methods.

How much drop's in 15ml pack of swarnaprashan?

Client Demo (1).png
Client Demo (1).png

2 Drops every day, so that it can last for 120 days. Assured By ABHYANGAM MEDICURE SERVICES PVT.LTD

What is the percentage of gold ash (in mg) in this inc swarnaprashan ?

0.1% of gold ash.

Do we need to keep the bottle in fridge after usage ?

Not necessary. You can keep it at room temperature.

Manufacturing date and expiry date ?

From date of manufacture its 3yrs expiry date.

Is company certified?

Our company is certified and all our products are FDCA approved.

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